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Packing up your house to move home can seem a daunting process but with a bit of guidance it isn’t as hard as you would imagine. Take a look at our hints and tips below for packing and it can be a lot simpler!

Each size of box is designed for a different purpose so make sure you choose the right sized box for whatever you are packing.

Medium boxes

These boxes are generally used for books, DVDs, LPs, videos, CDs, small fragile ornaments, fragile crystal, canned food and other bottles of alcohol (which must be securely sealed up). These boxes are recommended for more heavyweight items. Although the boxes will feel heavy they must be filled to the top to prevent damage in transit.

Large boxes

These boxes are designed for all breakable items including standard kitchenware. Please ensure that all bowls, dishes, plates and kitchen items are stored up on their sides. Glasses, mugs, and ornaments must be stood upright. All pictures and mirrors should be stood vertically and face-to-face, with paper between them to minimise damage occurring.

Tall boxes

These boxes are used for all items such as, bedding, toys, large ornaments, lightweight and irregular shaped items.

Long boxes

These boxes are used for folded clothes, linen and curtains. They must be filled to the top to prevent the items from moving.

Specific items and how to pack them

Folded clothes – Any clothes in a chest of drawers can remain in them for transit, providing the drawers are of solid construction.

Clothing – Wardrobe cartons will be provided on the day of the removal for any hanging clothes. We will simply transfer the clothing to and from the cartons. *Please note these cartons are not left on the move day.

Lamps – Please ensure the shade is removed from the neck of the lamp and packed safely.

White goods – All white goods must be unplumbed and disconnected prior to the start of removals. If you have a machine which contains liquids in a tray please empty this before moving.

House plants – Small pots/plants can be placed into an open box with the flaps taped down around the sides.

Garages/sheds – Tape all garden tools together. All small items need to be packed. Mowers, tool boxes, tents, chairs etc. are ok to go as they are.

Large items – We will protect larger fragile items which do not fit into a box such as mirrors, pictures and large ornaments. Items such as washing baskets and toy boxes do not need to be boxed up.

General packing advice

Making up the boxes – Make sure the box is the right way up. Ensure the base flaps of the box are taped securely and that you do not interlock the flaps.

Clearly mark the boxes – Any items that contain fragile contents need to be clearly labelled on the top with the room location that they are going to. This will enable us to deliver the correct boxes to the relevant room with ease.

Packing the boxes – Ensure that each box is filled to the top but isn’t over-filled so that the flaps can be closed together. Use crushed paper to fill any gaps to strengthen the boxes for loading. Make sure that the boxes are securely taped together and will not open.

How to pack fragile items – We recommend that you place crushed packing paper at the bottom to act as a cushion and wrap individual items. Arrange the items according to weight, heavy items at the bottom and the lighter items near the top. Ensure the box is topped up with crushed paper for a protective cushion at the top and between items to create layers to pack on to. We recommend that you only use plain paper as this will ensure no marks are left on your valuable items.

Dismantling of items – Any furniture that needs to be dismantled must be taken apart prior to the removal day by the customer, unless agreements have been made with our team in advance.

Bitz box – When dismantling your items we recommend that you wrap all screws and bolts into paper/plastic bags and label. Make up a medium box and put all the screws, bolts, feet, leads, cables, remotes, keys etc. into this box. Mark it as a ‘bitz box’ as this can be an easy way to access all important items.

We are located in Weston on the Green, only 4 miles from Bicester and serve customers within the Oxfordshire area for removals locally, throughout the UK and rest of the world as required.

For any questions regarding personal or business removals please feel free to get in touch.

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