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Over the last few months we have seen an unprecidented situation where the housing market has come to a complete halt. However, the relaxation of lockdown rules has caused a surge in the amount of homes being placed on the market and house sales are now progressing again.

This is obviously great news for anyone looking at selling their home however, it isn’t without challenges and can cause concern for anyone who is shielding or is nervous about their move.

To help allay any fears and reassure our customers we have put together some guidelines and advice to help you through the process.

Selling your house

When choosing an estate agent to sell your property, ask them how they will conduct viewings for potential buyers. Will they be able to offer a virtual tour of your home which will cut-down on the amount of visitors that you have to bring into your house. If they aren’t able to offer this facility, find out what their procedures are for bringing buyers to your property. Do you have to be there, will they wear PPE, will they ask viewers to wear PPE and can you leave windows and doors open whilst the viewing takes place?

Choosing a solicitor

Again, with a solicitor, find out how you will be able to conduct meetings with them and if most can be done over Zoom or Facetime to avoid unnecessary contact with others.  Paperwork will probably still need to be signed in person, so they may be able to post paperwork to you for you to sign at home and return to their offices.

Choosing a removal company

When you have been successful in accepting an offer on your property and are looking at choosing a removal company take into account how they will manage your removal within the current guidelines.

At H2H we have put measures in place to continue the fight of COVID-19 and are therefore asking customers to assist us in our work. In order to provide you with a quotation we are able to provide you with an estimate via our online form which can then be confirmed with a Facetime/WhatsApp call or a site survey with restrictions in place if you prefer. If there is anyone who is shielding within the property then we would not be able to conduct a site survey and would suggest a video call instead.

During the site survey

If you choose a site survey we have procedures in place to help minimise the risk when we enter your home.  If you have children or other people within the home we would suggest that they stay in one room or in the garden if this is possible. We are happy for you to take our surveyor around your property or equally the surveyor can conduct the survey alone whilst you wait outside if you prefer. Our surveyor will wear a facemask and gloves and adhere to the social distancing guidelines and we would ask you to also maintain a 2 metre distance. It would be adviseable for doors and windows to be left open and door handles etc. to be wiped down after we have left the property.

Selling and moving home during the COVID-19 crisis

During the removal

If you were to choose H2H for your removal we would follow the below guidelines for the safety of our customers and staff.

H2H crews have been told to maintain the 2 metre social distancing measure with customers and we would ask you to assist us with this. You may be asked to do the following:

On the Removal Day

– Place yourself and your family/ pets in one area whilst loading/unloading the upstairs – e.g. in the Garden or in the Lounge

– Place yourself and your family/ pets in one area whilst loading/unloading the downstairs– e.g. in a bedroom or on the 1st floor

– Please do not have visitors on the move day.

– We will be asking customers once loaded to check their properties and confirm with the crews that everything is clear and all items are loaded before they leave whilst maintaining a 2 metre distance.

– Our H2H Crew will open windows and doors at the property to maintain good ventilation whilst they are loading/unloading.

– Our H2H crew may ask to wash their hands within the property – They will be provided with hand soap and paper towels, which they will dispose of.

– They will also be issued with hand sanitiser for regular use whilst working.

After the Move

– We will be asking customers to wipe down/clean all furniture surfaces for good measure after we have completed our work.

– Customers may still place all used paper into tall boxes and flat pack the remaining boxes for H2H to collect after the move. This, as usual will take place on one visit which will be a mutually arranged time and we would  ask for the boxes to be kept in a clean, dry area until we can collect. We will collect whilst maintaining a 2 metre distance when the time arrives.

General Practice

– Only H2H staff that are well will be working, anyone showing symptoms will not be allowed to work, unless they have been tested and confirmed as negative to COVID-19.

– We will be contacting all customers the day before the move to check that everyone in the household is well, if needed we will postpone the move until everyone in the household is well enough.

– If on arrival, our crews believe that customers are showing COVID-19 symptoms then for their safety we will be postponing the move – please note that additional charges may apply.

Gloves & Face Masks

– H2H crews will be issued with disposal gloves and face masks for use whilst working. This is for them to use when necessary and it is not our intention that they are used for the whole length of the loading/unloading period, due to the nature the physical work involved.

– Should customers want to wear gloves and masks whilst we are at their properties we will not be offended however we will be asking all customers to follow the strict 2 metre social distancing requirements even if these item are worn.

If we all work together to follow the current guidelines we can make your move as stress-free as possible and minimise the impact on our health service.

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